Fury Handcuffs - Single Lock Pink

$ 15.99
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  • Single lock mechanism design for easy use
  • Ideal for restraining in less serious situations
  • Hot pink steel color
  • Keyholes and lever locks
  • Includes two (2) keys

The Fury 15901 Single Lock Handcuffs can serve a variety of purposes. They are ideal for restraining in non-threatening situations. The single lock mechanism is designed for ease of use and to keep the product at a very manageable price for all to enjoy. You can add your own fur to them for a different look and feel. The handcuffs have both keyholes and lever locks. If you need handcuffs for more serious matters, look to the number one selling handcuff in the Americas, the 15902 Fury Tactical Double Lock, which is a police-grade handcuff.

Style: 15909

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