HoldUp: Shirt Stays Plastic Clips

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  • Patented black narrow No-slip® Plastic Holdup clips with locking center pin.
  • Smooth Velcro length adjustment sustem makes it easy to adjust tension
  • Eliminates uniform and dress shirts from bunching up and billowing at your waistline
  • These patented Y-style shirt stays attach to your socks and shirt tails with the snap of our patented No-slip® clips
  • Y-back shirt stays we call Stay-Downs gives you that Spit & Polish Military dress uniform look

Please choose our styles with the patented plastic gripper clasps for use on fine, thin or fragile summer type shirts. The simple way to keep shirt tucked in place, while keeping your socks up is using a Hold-Up Stay-Down shirt stay. The results are impressive and comfortably last all day long when sitting or standing. Made in the U.S.A. Dress shirt tail stays, or shirt tail garters, have none of the problems or cheap alternatives. These shirt stays work all day long to keep your shirt tails firmly in place without popping off when sitting or standing.

Style: 9100PL

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