Damascus DynaThin Unlined Leather Gloves

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  • Smooth premium quality aniline finished cowhide
  • Gathered wrist
  • Unlinedwrist closure

Damascus Gloves® are quality products made with the highest quality materials and can be easily washed if done properly. While we feel our gloves are extremely durable and an excellent value for your money, they are not indestructible and common sense does apply. Damascus Gloves® are NOT work gloves. If you use them for rough manual labor, stacking lumber, changing tires, expose them to extreme heat, expose them to harsh or caustic substances, leave them to bake on the dash of your car, or allow your cat or dog to use them for chew toys, you will likely find your gloves to be in substantially worse condition than when you bought them. Many people find our gloves will last them several years while others will wear them out in a few months. It all depends on how often you wear them, how you use them, and how well you take care of them. Only you can determine whether or not our products lived up to your expectations. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, please let us know about it.

Regarding Cut Resistant Gloves, while the liners are highly abrasion resistant, remember, the leather shells of styles such as the DFK300, DFS2000, DFM3500, etc. are designed for sensitivity, close fit, and maximum dexterity. Our leathers are not cut resistant in and of themselves. As such, the gloves must be treated in the same manner as our other all-leather gloves. WhileCut Resistant Gloves should significantly increase the wearer's safety against sharp or highly abrasive surfaces, if such contact is encountered, the shells can likely be permanently damaged. We assume this is preferable to serious injury to your hands. Also, Cut glove inserts are knitted products.

Another thing that will help extend the life of your Damascus brand handwear: be sure you have a correct fit. Gloves that are either too tight or too loose will wear out more quickly. Gloves should fit snugly but not tightly. If they slip on easily when first bought they will probably be too large when broken in. Conversely, even though a main feature of our gloves is a snug close fit, don't try to overdo it. If you're a size Large, wear size Large gloves even if you can force your way into a size Medium - what you will end up with is a very odd looking restrictive pair of gloves that will split apart so on after first putting them on.

Sizing is based on a "normal" or "standard" size hand. Unfortunately, almost no one actually has a "standard" sized hand, no two people's hands are the same, and no pair of hands matches exactly. Similarly, no two pairs of gloves are exactly alike, as each pair is cut individually and since leather is a natural product, no two skins are exactly alike, nor is the leather uniform throughout the skin.

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