HoldUp: Shirt Stays Metal Clips 9101BM

$ 26.99
Color: Black


  • Patented black narrow No-slip® metal Holdup clips with locking center pin.
  • Smooth Velcro length adjustment sustem makes it easy to adjust tension
  • Eliminates uniform and dress shirts from bunching up and billowing at your waistline
  • These patented Y-style shirt stays attach to your socks and shirt tails with the snap of our patented No-slip® clips
  • Y-back shirt stays we call Stay-Downs gives you that Spit & Polish Military dress uniform look

Holdups patented Y-style Shirt Stay-Downs gives you that best dressed fitted shirt look by eliminating billowing shirts at your waistline. Get that "spit and polish" look seen during military dress code inspections where everyone has a wrinkle free tucked in shirt. Now Comes a simple solution to eliminate bulging rumpled looking dress shirts billowing out at your waist.  Bonus: these holdup sock while holding down your shirt tails. These comfortable Shirt Stay-Downs simply attach at one end to your socks in seconds with Holdups exclusive patented metal narrow no-slip® clips in black. Use this style with a thicker broadcloth material shirt. For use with fine material shirts choose our style with the patented composite plastic clips. This Y-style has 2 matching black no-slip® patented metal clips with locking center pin that attaches to your shirt tail in 2 places. The unique smooth line Velcro length adjustment system is used to lock in place the proper length to give you a comfortable tension between the sock clip and the shirt tail clips. 

Style: 9101BM

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