Rainbow Sandals 301 Blue Men's Expresso

$ 59.99

If you have worn sandals in the last 10 years, or even have just been to the beach in this century, then chances are that you know of Rainbow Sandals. Simply put, these are the highest quality, best looking leather sandals on the market; a classic pair of comfort footwear that you will return to season after season, and treasure as the sponge rubber "memory" molds to your feet.

Each pair of Rainbow sandals is created by hand in San Clemente, CA, using specially formulated glue to keep the layers together and the straps in place. When it comes to comfort and durability, there's a reason why Rainbow is the tops in the business. Buy a pair of these Premier Blues Sandal in Expresso w/ Blue Midsole by Rainbow Sandals today, and find out why!

Style: 301Blue

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