SABRE Stun Gun with Flashlight and Belt Holster

$ 26.99



Take charge of your personal safety with the SABRE Stun Gun with Flashlight and Belt Holster. This maximum strength stun gun delivers a 2.762 microcoulombs (µC) charge, helping to temporarily incapacitate an attacker by causing intolerable pain according to the Department of Justice (DOJ), allowing you to escape to safety. It includes a built-in 120-lumen LED flashlight to lighten your way to safety in emergencies such as a power outage or use it for everyday tasks such as walking the dog at night. This unit features a rubberized, soft-touch exterior for a better grip compared to other stun guns and has a safety switch to help prevent any accidental discharges. Easily carry your stun gun in the included belt holster for quick access to protection in high stress situations, or stash it in a purse or bag for protection while commuting or running errands. The SABRE Stun Gun allows for multiple uses thanks to its built-in battery and included charging cable. Creating reliable personal protection products is important to SABRE, which is why we test the strength of our stun guns, ensuring you’re getting the best stun guns available.

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