Wolverine Men's Waterproof Steel Toe EH 6-Inch Floorhand Boots (W10633)

$ 119.99

The build of these 6-inch Floorhand boots is another thing to check out. They're made with a rubber midsole, a rubber outsole, and leather upper. In other words, this men's footwear was constructed by Wolverine with high quality. The rubber build provides you with a sturdy, comfortable base to keep you stabilized, while the leather helps keeps the EH Wolverine boots in top shape through every wear. They also feature a removable full-cushion footbed and a moisture-wicking mesh lining that will keep your feet feeling comfortable all day long. The full cushion footbed provides your feet with a bed of comfort, while the mesh lining wicks away moisture to ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable through the long hours on the job.


Style Number: W10633

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