Key-bak Retractable Carabiner Key Reel With 36 Inch Polyester Cord - Black

$ 19.99
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  • Standard Duty - 24" Stainless Steel Chain / 8-10 oz. / 15 keys
  • Heavy Duty - 48" Kevlar Cord / 8-10 oz. / 15 keys
  • Super Duty - 36" Kevlar Cord / 13-15 oz. / 22 keys
  • 2-inch diameter steel case
  • Finish options include the classic textured chrome or textured black vinyl

The KEY-BAK Original is a heavy duty key reel guaranteed to outlast the competition, perfect for custodians, facilities and maintenance workers, hospitality and casino employees, mechanics, and more. Our Original KEY-BAK retractable key reel comes with a classic chrome finish, or the textured black vinyl. Select the stainless steel chain, or the rugged Kevlar cord. Additionally, select the back attachment that's best for you: a sturdy belt clip, secure belt loop, or the removable rotating clip.

Style: 0006-011

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