Rothco: Sno-Seal Leather Protection

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  • Sno-seal Leather Protection
  • Sno-seal Wax 7 Fluid Oz
  • Waterproofs And Protects Leather
  • Manufacturer By Atsko Inc
  • Made In USA

All season leather protection. Prevents water from penetrating leather. Lubricates and conditions leather without softening. Preserves and lengthens the life of leather. Sno-seal original beeswax waterproofing protects leather from rain, sun, snow, and salt. Sno-seal is also great for waxed cotton and tent seams. The beeswax formula dries to a solid wax that -stays put- in the surface of the leather so it lasts longer. These waterproofing products fill the natural spaces that are supposed to absorb perspiration and insulate. Sno-seal will help you feel more comfortable in gore-tex fabric lined boots because it allows the gore-tex absorbed perspiration to escape out of the leather.

Style: 10120

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