Rothco Sweater: G.I. Style Acrylic V-Neck Sweater - Black

$ 54.99


  • Reinforced shoulder and elbow patches
  • EpauletsMade Out of Acrylic Material
  • V-Neck Style.
  • GI Type Sweater
  • Extremely Warm & Comfortable
  • Made To Military Specs.
  • Reinforced Patches
  • Elastic Wrist Cuffs
  • Unisex
  • Manufactured Overseas To Military Specs
  • Made For Rugged Use

G.I. Type Acrylic V-Neck Sweater is constructed with reinforced shoulder and elbow patches. It is designed with epaulets on the shoulder portion of the sweaterThe 100% acrylic material allows this sweater to be warm and functionable all at the same time. Acrylic type of material on the elbows and shoulders brings alittle design to a nice and functionable sweater already. This commando sweater can be perfect for anyone going out for the night ona chilly evening.

Style: 6345 : 6346 : 6365 : 6487 : 6489

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